Coronation of Signy and Cuan

The Temptation of Atlantia: Virtue

March 31 – April 2, 2017

As we prepare to celebrate the Coronation of our new monarchs Atlantia’s fate lies in the balance.  The eight Vices and their Agents have awoken and have begun corrupting our populace. The eight Virtues are responding quickly to protect our fair kingdom.  His Majesty Cuan has declared HIS PRIDE AND HIS FAITH in Atlantia and her people to Virtuous.  However, Temptation questions the nature of Atlantian Pride and challenges that it is in truth a Vice.

Only you, the people of Atlantia, can secure Atlantia’s fate.

Are you a Force for Vice or an Acolyte of Virtue?

Come and declare your allegiance!

Everyone who attends the event will be provided an opportunity to be either an Acolyte of Virtue or a Force for Vice.

Temptation has devised a points system to determine whether Atlantia falls to Vice or emerges triumphant and Virtuous.  Temptation’s points system is as mysterious as the points at any good wizarding school.

The Virtues

Marshal Activities

On the List Fields


Friday night: There will be both heavy and rapier torchlight round robin tournaments.

Saturday: There will be two tournaments, 1 on 1 and a three-man team, in each discipline.  

Each Vice or Virtue will field at least one three man team and have at least one individual fighter in the singles tournament.  There are no restrictions on the number of three man teams or on how many individuals a Vice or Virtue can field in the tournaments.  

Tournaments will be run Bedford points style allowing everyone to fight as much as they wish.  Fighters are encouraged to fight in multiple tournaments.  Time permitting; the day will culminate in a Grand Melee.  

Live Weapons

The archery range will be open all day.  Everyone (archer or not) is encouraged to shoot.  Temptation has declared that for every hit on a target representing a particular Virtue or Vice a point will be deducted from that Virtue or Vice’s total points.  The more arrows you land on another’s target, the fewer points the enemy will have!  

Sunday: The field will be open until 1PM for fighter practice and unit fighting scenarios.   


There will be not one, but two (that's right, two!) Bardic competitions at Coronation. The bardic competitions are designed such that the bards themselves will unknowingly select the best virtue or vice. During each competition, the entrants will conceal their team alliances (except for the winner, who must declare his or her team at the conclusion of the competition). In this way, the quality of the vice or virtue, and not team alliance, will surely prevail.

Friday Night Bardic Competition and Bardic Circle

The Friday night competition will be held around a bardic circle. Come perform your favorite piece, or sit in the audience and be entertained! Each entrant in the competition should bring their best song, story or poem related to (at least) one of the Virtues or Vices of Atlantia. The performance does not need to correspond to the entrant's chosen team. Those competing will decide the winner, by voting for the best (on theme) performance. Each performance should be no longer than 5 minutes. It is recommended that the competitors carefully guard their team alliance, because those bards who have succumbed to vice will almost certainly not vote for a virtue laden, vice hating bard who represents everything in the world that oppresses their desire to lead a carefree life of lust, gluttony and greed. After a winner is chosen, he or she will declare their allegiance to Vice or Virtue and earn their chosen team a point towards the overall event tally. The bardic fun will continue as an open bardic circle following the competition, until all of team virtue is off to bed, and all of team vice is inebriated (or until the autocrat tells us to stop).

Saturday Afternoon Vice and Virtue Bardic Bearpit

On Saturday afternoon, there will be a Bardic Bearpit Competition. Bring your bardic weapons of vice and virtue (songs, stories and poems) and prepare to do battle with your fellow bards! Will your songs of inebriation, immorality and indiscretion win the day for Team Vice? Or will your stories of patience, purity and persistence loosen the grip of Vice on our Kingdom and win the victory for Team Virtue?

The bearpit will consist of head to head bardic combat. The winner of each bout will then answer the challenge of the next competitor. In addition to points for winning each bout, bonus points will be awarded for original compositions, period pieces, and/or vice/virtue-themed pieces. Don't forget your Bard book, as the bearpit format can leave you scrambling for some long-forgotten song that you never thought you'd sing again! The bard with the most points will win the day and earn a point for their chosen team.

Each performance should be no longer than 5 minutes, including any introduction. Your fellow competitors will vote for the winner of each bout, therefore it might be best to conceal your allegiances during the competition, because do-gooder virtuous competitors are highly unlikely to knowingly vote for those who champion the pleasures of vice. This competition will be sexy and entertaining. The bards will pleasure the ears of their audience! Come perform for your chosen vice or virtue!

The Virtues and Vices of Atlantia

To aid you in preparing for the bardic competitions, please review the Virtues and Vices of Atlantia below:

The Virtues of Atlantia

The Vices of Atlantia

A&S activities

We will have numerous competitions where Virtue may battle Vice.  

Friday night: Bardic Competition.  Bards should come prepared to espouse the greatest elements of a Vice, Virtue or one of their many Agents.

Saturday: An Atlantian Garb Runway Challenge - Come dressed as your favorite Virtue, Vice or one of their Agents.

Additional A&S competitions include: Best Individual Motivational Pennant (think poms poms, little flags or anything which shows your spirit), Best representation of a Hound & a Hare in any 3D medium, Best Adult beverage and as always the Scrivener Royal competition

Vice or Virtue Illuminated Blank Competition

hosted by Helene Isabelle de Soleure

This competition has three potential winners. Each entry has to declare for either side: Vice or Virtue. The populace gets to vote for their favorite out of the two categories. The most votes in each category wins the “Best of Vice” or “Best of Virtue”. An overall winner will be decided by a panel of judges out of ALL entries and will be awarded the point towards the final count of the event.

For the overall (judged) portion of the competition, points will be awarded based on originality and imagination, documentation of historical plausibility of the design, and the cohesiveness of the overall look of the scroll. The idea is not to reproduce the look of any illuminated page, but to make an original design/layout by using elements and designs from documentable sources. More points are awarded if the scroll has an overall cohesive appearance (e.g. all elements are documentable to within half a century in a specific locale).

By approval of the scribe, these blanks might be used as award scrolls for the event's other competitions. Please, state your preference on your documentation.

Scrivener Royal Competition

Part of being the Scrivener Royal is working with illuminated blanks of a style that demand calligraphy you are not familiar with. With pre-painted blanks, all is left is the calligraphy. It may be that the recipient's persona or your available blank needs a hand different from your most used one.

In consultation with Their Highnesses the following is the competition for Scrivener Royal: CALLIGRAPHY.


The standardized judging sheet for calligraphy will be used.

Documentation will not be judged but you may include it with your entry. The winner of the Scrivener Royal competition will be invested in the evening court of the new King and Queen.

Contact me via my "Geffrei Maudeleyne" Face Book page for quickest response. gets checked about once per evening.

The Scrivener Royal job description from Kingdom Law

E.2.4. The Scrivener Royal for excellence in calligraphy and illumination, and acts as the personal scribe of the Crown. The Scrivener Royal shall serve a term of six months and the competition to choose a new Scrivener Royal shall be held at Coronation. The Scrivener Royal must work in close cooperation with the Clerk of the Signet, ensuring the Clerk Signet is aware of all scribal tasks that have been assigned by the Crown.

The Scrivener Royal is essentially the scribal champion for the Crown.

Her Highness has determined that an entry may be presented by anyone in the kingdom if it is delivered on time and has a person there to represent the submitter.

All entries into the competition must be submitted no later than noon, Saturday of Coronation to give judges time to make recommendations to the Crown.

Attendance at the Afternoon Court of Cuan and Signy is usually expected for the change over ceremony.

Best use of the Hound and the Hare in any Medium

Bring out your best representation of a hound and hare. It can be any form as long as it captures both animals. As these creatures represent the ferocity and beauty of their Majesties, it shall be their Majesties that choose the winner.

Atlantia Garb Challenge

hosted by: St Anne's Guild of Clothiers

Yes that's right it's back. Wind up your spools and sharpen your needles Atlantia wants to see your prowess on the runway. The challenge: best interpretation of vice or virtue through garb. You can walk the runway yourself in your creation or let a model do it for you. There is no pre registration just a sign up on site but we are asking for a picture of the garb and a few lines about the piece. So bring bring your talent out to shine and show us how fierce you are.

Best Individual Motivational Pennant

Show your pride Atlantia. Will it be vice or virtue that wins the day? This competition is for best motivational pennant of vice or virtue for your team. Can you sway your friends by your artistry and enthusiasm? Will they give in to envy at the beauty of your creation or see the patience of your skill? Create it and see the outcome.

Brewing competition

Hosted by Master Robear

We can not have good cheer without good spirits. Come show your skill in the brewing arts. Documentation is required and you must bring enough to share for the Saturday evening festivities.

Aside from all these wonderful competitions there will also be open AnS. Come display your works for all to see.

Additional Activities

Friday night’s activities will include a bardic competition and field side food served during the torchlight tourney.

Saturday after feast there will be an open party with free beer from the brewing competition, second bardic and/or dancing.

Event food

Sign up For Breakfast(s)

Event food is brought to you by Gluttony - Maestra Gracia Esperanca De Seville and begins Friday evening with select dishes. Availability starts after 9pm and is open to all.  

Gluttony deems it only fit to provide lunch for all on Saturday and is included in your site fee.

Saturday evening’s descent into Hedonism will include a 5 Course feast and is limited to 240 spaces, so reserve early.  Questions regarding food allergies and concerns can be directed to Gluttony at  

Merchants and Swag

Sign up For T-Shirts

All merchants are welcome.  Please contact Baroness Emma West to arrange space.

Cost and Location

Atendee Registration + Cabin + Camping + Feast
Adult $22.00 $13.00 $13.00 $15.00
Adult, Member Discount $17.00 $13.00 $13.00 $15.00
Youth (5-17) $8.00 $7.00 $5.00 $15.00
Adult (4 and younger) $0.00 $7.00 $0.00 $15.00

Two ways to pay:

or Mail the Reservationist:
Yenyega de Santurci (Vivan Morgan)
529 High St
Petersburg, VA 23803

Phone: (804) 382-5488
E-mail: vivanaz42 (at)


Millstone 4-H Educational Center
1296 Mallard Dr.
Ellerbe, NC 28338

The site opens at 3 PM on Friday, March 31st and closes at 2PM on Sunday, April 2nd.


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